And so it begins…

A few months ago I stumbled upon a blog called Healthy Hoggin’ (Now renamed Detoxinista) . I had done a google search for Raw Pumpkin Pie recipe and one of the first recipes to pop up was Healthy Hoggin’s Raw Pumpkin Cheeze Cake. Her recipe uses carrot instead of pumpkin and she explained that she did it that way to keep the cheeze cake properly combined.

What in the world is properly combined?

I had never heard of food combining before but I was intrigued. On her blog she has a few cute little charts that show the flesh category, the starch category, the nut/seed/dried fruit category, the fresh fruit category, and the neutral category. The more that I read her blog the more intrigued I became. All of this new information on food combining lead me to Natalia Rose author of The Raw Food Detox Diet. 

Right around this time my Husband left for the summer to attend Officer Candidates School. I quickly learned that after the girls had gone to sleep, I could watch cheesy Lifetime movies at night and snack or I could do something positive! I began to do the Jillian Michael’s 30 day Shred DVD workouts. I was seeing results and loving the feeling of accomplishment that exercising gave me. Doing my workouts every night lead me to eating healthier meals and snacks during the day. I was beginning to feel great about myself and the way that I looked and I couldn’t wait to show off the new fit and healthy me to my hubby!

As I continued to read Detoxinista I knew that I had to get my hands on a copy of The Raw Food Detox Diet. Being the cheap-o that I am I headed straight for the library. I was very happy to find it sitting on the shelf just waiting for me.

The more that I read the book the more I knew that this style of eating is for me. I read quite the plethora of food blogs ranging from Vegan blogs to Nourishing Traditions patterned blogs. While I avidly read after both of those perspectives I have never felt that either of those was an ideal diet for me. The Nourishing Traditions style has never resonated with me due to the high use of animal products including chicken livers, gizzards, and various different animal parts. The Vegan perspective while closer to what I think is an ideal diet has never truly resonated with me due in large part to many vegans heavy dependence on processed soy foods. There seems to be a soy food out there to replace just about any food you can imagine.

The Raw Food Detox Diet is refreshing! The focus is on eating real plant-based foods avoiding processed foods and slowly incorporating more raw foods. This is exactly the lifestyle that I want to strive  for! I have fallen in love with my juicer again and I am now committed to at least 1 salad a day!

I am so excited to start implementing some of these changes into our life! I am so passionate about feeding my family the healthiest meals possible so that they can thrive and reading this book has definitely gotten me fired up!


2 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. veganlily says:

    Just discovered your blog (through a comment on Daily Garnish). We eat similarly! Keep up the posts, I’m really enjoying them.

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