Fruit til Noon

Fruit til noon has become my morning motto!

I start off every morning with a big glass of fresh juice which usually consists of a head of romaine lettuce, a small lemon, a beet, and an apple.  I really like this combo but sometimes I change it up a bit by adding an extra apple or a few carrots instead of the beet. There have been a few times where I stick the straw far back in my throat and slurp it up as fast as I can but for the most part I really enjoy drinking all those enzymes!

After I drink my juice, I stick to just eating fruit until noon. Fruit takes about 30 minutes to digest so I eat as much fruit as I want through the morning and stop about half an hour before lunch time.

Making the transition to just fruit in the mornings has actually been pretty easy. Some mornings I will be craving something warmer like eggs or toast with honey so I just plan to have those for lunch instead.

Champagne grapes are my absolute favorite fruit!

I actually feel like I have more energy throughout the mornings now! Yay for fruit!






One thought on “Fruit til Noon

  1. Love the new blog!! 🙂 And yay for juice and fruit till noon! It really does become an easy habit, once you get used to it. I love having so much energy in the mornings!!

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