Cows, Salad, and Juice

Yesterday, Mom and I packed up the girls and drove to Mount Vernon to go to the Co-op. The Mount Vernon Co-op has a much bigger selection than my little Everett Co-op. I love my Everett Co-op but it is nice to get a little variety every now and then.

One of the fun things about the Mount Vernon Co-op is they give kids a banana card!

A free organic banana to occupy Kenley while I shop? Yes please!!

Luckily for us, the co-op was hosting a “meet your farmer day” with some local Organic Valley Dairy Farmers. That sweet baby cow is named Bubba and he is only 3 days old! I certainly was not taking my 3 day old babies to the grocery store and letting random people pet them, but then again my 3 day olds did not weigh almost 100 pounds.

Claire did not like the baby cow, which is really no surprise since she hates cow dairy.

Kenley loved looking at Bubba and saying Bubba but she would freak out if we tried to get her to pet him. It was actually pretty interesting meeting the dairy farmers and getting to pet a baby cow, especially since I now avoid eating cow dairy. I realized about 5 months ago that Claire is either intolerant or allergic to dairy. I actually think that I feel my best when I avoid cow dairy so I really have Claire to thank for opening up my eyes to avoiding cow dairy.


If I do consume dairy now, I try to make sure that it is raw goat dairy. I still only consume goat dairy very rarely since sometimes Claire is fine with it and other times it really aggravates her. Raw goat milk cheddar is delicious and if I am ever craving dairy, the raw goat cheddar definitely hits the spot!

My Favorite Salad

  • 1 head romaine lettuce
  • cherry tomatoes
  • green peppers
  • cucumber
  • raw goat cheddar
  • marinara sauce

I love using marinara sauce as a dressing! It adds so much flavor to salads and it is a neutral so I can enjoy it as a salad dressing with any type of meal and it will still be properly combined!


This mornings juice was my usual apple, romaine, lemon, carrot. I drank it on the way to go for a walk on the trail! We walked a 5k with Emily and a few other ladies from church.
After walking on the trail, I rushed home to drop the girls off with my mom so that I could head to my first spin class with Emily! Brian got off of work early and decided to join us too! I loved spin class! It was tough! 5 minutes in and my legs were on fire, I’m still not sure how I made it through the whole class. Brian and I were both completely drenched with sweat by the end. I’m hooked! Not just on spin class but on exercise endorphins in general! I can’t wait for next week!

I weighed myself at the gym today and since I have started to clean up my diet and exercise, I have lost 4 pounds! The number on the scale really doesn’t matter to me but how I look in my clothes does and I am loving how I feel! All that I do now is tell everyone around me how great I feel because of how great I am eating!

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