Trying New Things

Fruit ‘Til Noon in the mornings has been going great. I wake up craving my juice! I have slowed down a bit on my fruit intake lately because most of my favorite fruits are no longer in season. I love apples, pears, and (slightly unripe) bananas, but I am missing my melons and berries!

While I was at Fred Meyer the other day I saw some new to me fruits in the produce section. I thought it might be fun to try something new! A Pepino Melon… chosen because I thought it looked like a dinosaur egg 🙂

I wasn’t sure the correct way to eat or open a pepino melon so I turned to old trusty… Google

Google informed me to just cut it open and eat it! I also read that the seeds are the most flavorful part, I probably would have just scooped them out and composted them!
The verdict? I wasn’t a fan. It tasted like a cross between an unripe cantaloupe and a cucumber. Pretty bland! It definitely wasn’t gross but it also isn’t something that I would buy again.
Have you ever bought an “exotic” fruit or vegetable to try? What did you think of it?


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