Thrive Love

Today, we made the trip to Seattle to satisfy our Thrive cravings! We love, love, love Thrive! Every time we go the food is fresh, tasty, and we leave feeling great. Lots of times when we go out to eat I leave feeling so weighed down but that is not the case when we eat at Thrive!

I would say that my favorite thing about Thrive is that in the back of the menu it has EVERY ingredient listed next to each menu item. That is awesome! I think that every restaurant should do that! I obsess about every ingredient that goes into my food at home, why should it be any different when I go out to eat? Having every ingredient listed makes it so easy for those of us who are trying to properly combine our meals!

I started out with a green juice! I chose the Refresh

For some reason whenever juices have celery in them the celery is all that I can taste. While I don’t think it is a horrible taste, I can’t really say that I enjoy it either. Next time I think I will try the Magenta Love. Even if the taste isn’t my favorite, I never regret drinking juice. Who needs chemical energy drinks or caffeine when you can drink fresh green juice?

For lunch, Mom and I decided that we would try something new. It is always so tempting for us to order the Buddha bowls every time. And while it is delicious, the combination of nuts and quinoa cause it to not be properly combined. With our Marine Corps Ball tomorrow I am really trying to stay on point with my food combining.

Today I chose to try the Oh PastadoroGreat choice! This was actually my first time trying spiralized zucchini noodles. I have been missing out! I need to go get a sprializer ASAP! My favorite part was probably the Bella Burger “Meatballs”, How do I always forget how delicious sun-dried tomatoes are?

Mom went with the Bella Burger
Another great choice! Mom wasn’t crazy about the BBQ-ish sauce but I thought that it was a rather tasty sauce and I could see it being delicious served with some flax crackers.

Since we are indecisive we also decided to share the Sunshine Salad This was really delicious but I wished we would have ordered a plate of flax crackers to go with it! Can you tell that I really love the flax crackers :)?

I wish we would have had room for some of their desserts! I was eying the Pumpkin Creme Cake. Next time I think we might just have to go for dessert only!

This just in… November 24th (Thanksgiving Day), Thrive is throwing a free Thanksgiving meal “Gala of Gratitude”. Check it out! If we are in town I want to go! RAW, VEGAN, FREE, THANKSGIVING… Does it get any better?

{BTW… Thrive has no idea who I am and certainly didn’t pay me to say any of this. I just really like Thrive and I think you would too!}


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