Switching Pasta

Lets be real, buttered noodles with a bit of parmesan is a hit with kids but it doesn’t offer up much nutritionally. Kenley loves it when my mom makes her pasta for lunch. But I often feel like it is just filling her belly with nothingness.

In an effort to please both Kenley’s palate for pasta and my nutritionally minded brain I typically serve only whole wheat pasta. The problem with whole wheat pasta is it has a denser texture than traditional pasta. Kenley can definitely tell the difference between Mommy’s pasta and Grammy’s pasta and will turn her nose up at Mommy’s pasta.

Enter Quinoa Pasta.

Quinoa is a super healthy grain that is nutritionally superior to wheat.

The flavor and texture of this quinoa pasta is so similar to traditional pasta that Kenley doesn’t notice a difference and gobbles up bowls and bowls. I feel better about feeding this pasta to her especially if I buy the veggie varieties that have spinach and beet puree added to them.

I would really like to try Kamut and Spelt pastas next and see how they taste, but for now quinoa pasta is a winner in our house!


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